Sun Protection

Sun Protection


Sun Protection is made with organic coconut oil, raspberry seed oil, organic jojoba oil that has been infused with St. Johns Wort, organic shea butter, zinc oxide, and the essential oils of carrot seed and helichyrsum.

The cardboard tube unfortunately seeps through because of the oils. I am going to look for other packaging or go back to just the plastic tube. I have few of the cardboard tubes left and they work just fine, they just don’t look as pretty since the oils seeped through the cardboard. They are on sale for that reason. Plastic tubes will be back in stock soon.

Use fingers to apply every 1-2 hours when out in direct sunlight. May need to be reapplied more often than commercial sunblocks depending on skin type.

Please Note that all salves and creams will melt on sunny days if left in direct sunlight, in a car, near a heat source, and sometimes during shipping. If this happens you can mix them up and place them in refrigerator for a little while so they will harden back up.

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