Paw Protector

Paw Protector


Protects dogs feet during both the winter and summer months.

Protect dogs feed during the winter from snow, ice, and salt. Great for dogs who have longer fur and get "snowballs" stuck between their toes. Can also be used if a dog splits there nails to help heal. During the summer it protects their paw from the hot pavement. Not recommended to walk dogs on extremely hot pavement during the middle of the day during the summer, just as it can burn our feet it also burns their feet.

To prevent/avoid the dog licking we apply to our dogs feet just before going out to walk or hike. So we will put it on them in the car just before going out hiking during the winter months.

Made with organic sunflower oil, beeswax, and a proprietary blend of essential oils including clove and lavender.

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