St. Johns Wort and Milky Oat Tops

St. Johns Wort and Milky Oat Tops


To those with mild tourette's, anxiety, mild depression, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, SAD this tincture is for you.
I started taking this about 2 years ago for the MS to get the spasms, vibrations, and tingling under control. I noticed a difference within weeks of taking it at high doses but it took a little while (about 8 months) before it calmed my nervous system because I was a mess neurologically. I still take it everyday. On goods days not so much and on bad days I take a little more.
I started giving it to my son with mild tourette's about a year ago and noticed that his ticks decrease to the point you could hardly notice them. Of all the herbs I have given him over the years for this~ the combination of st. John's wort and milky oat tops seemed to do the trick and work better than anything.

Made with gluten free vodka, organic backyard grown St. Johns wort, and organic locally grown milky oat tops

2fl.oz. glass bottle

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