Fall Seasonal Herbal Share Boxes Now available limited quantity

Fall Seasonal Herbal Share Boxes Now available limited quantity

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Seasonal Herb Share Boxes

We only do 10 shares each quarter so be sure to order yours to be included!

Quarterly Shares cost $420 for a year or $110 Quarterly, you can start whenever you would like but in order to get the share for that season payments must be made ahead of time. You can do all 4 or just 1 it is your choice. By signing up for the year you can save and additional $20

Shares come out 4x a year (They are seasonal) at the beginning of September, December, March, and June

Shares are predetermined based on the seasons and they include items such as an herbal salve, herbal creams, seasonal items, herbal honey, single dried herb or a tea blend, herbal syrups such as cough syrups or elderberry syrup, fire cider, soaps, vinegar’s, herbal salts and herbal sugars, herbal tinctures and extracts. You will get directions on how to use. Prices included shipping each quarter. You can save $20 by picking up at honest weight food coop on Monday mornings or at my location in Richmondville, NY, just click the pickup option when you are ordering. If there is a specific tincture/exract that you use and would like in your share I am more than happy to swap out whatever tincture may be included that quarter if it is different then what I am included in the box. (Just send me an email and let me know) Some quarters I will send out emails and give you options for certain products that you can choose from. You will save between 20-30% by signing up for the Herbal CSH box 


When you purchase a share of our Herbal CSH program, you are supporting me your local herbal apothecary and saying yes to saving some money and trying some great products that aren't offered to other customers! You also get first dibs at some of the new products that come out. Since I use only the best ingredients that I grow organically myself, forage, or purchase organically, you are getting a great quality product and you are choosing to support your own health and advocate for yourself.  You are learning about the benefits of using herbs and natural products in your everyday life.

For more information and details please contact me directly. To pay by check please email me directly at info @ earthlyremediesbyerin.com

Classes and CSH shares are not included in any sales or promotions.

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