Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls


These are made with local wool.

You’re probably wondering what these are, aren’t you? Well, they do a number of wonderful things:

1. They are an Eco-friendly alternative to the conventional dryer sheet.

2. They do more than a dryer sheet by pulling the moisture out of your clothes so you don’t have to run your dryer as long, saving you time and money.

3. They reduce static just like dryer sheets do. (If you experience static it means you aren't using enough dryer balls)

4. They soften your clothes like liquid fabric softener when they’re bouncing around your dryer. Fabric softener has harsh chemicals that make your clothes soft and also increase the flammability of your clothes putting you at risk of a dryer fire - not fun!

5. They’re wonderful toys for young children when they “accidentally” make their way out of the dryer! And great cat toys as well!!!

6. They’re made of 100% wool! 

7. They’re absolutely WONDERFUL for cloth diapers! They keep them soft and clean without the harmful chemicals in conventional dryer sheets.


Q - How long will these dryer balls last?
A - I know people who have used these for years and years! I have personally used mine for about 7 years now.

Q - What kind of wool do you use? Is it wool yarn, roving wool… ?
A - I use 100% wool roving which I felt. It is purchased in Schoharie County NY and also from Maine.

Q - How big are these dryer balls?
A - Though they are individually made by hand they are the approximately the size of a tennis ball (except without that horrible racket and without the nasty toxins). Size does vary however.

Q - How are these any better than the plastic (PVC) ones that I got from my local superstore?
A - They are VERY different actually! The conventional plastic ones you see on TV and in your local store are made from plastic and when heated can emit harmful smells that can irritate the lungs. They also do not speed up your drying time as my 100% wool dryer balls do. My dryer balls also do not make any extra noise unlike the plastic ones which sound like someone is trying to break into your house! Plastic dryer balls can also rip and tear some more delicate clothing as my wool dryer balls do not.

Q - Do they reduce static?
A - They sure do! Some other ways to help reduce static are to put a ½ cup of vineager in the rinse cycle of your wash and also to keep your natural fibers (cotton, silk, etc.) separate from your synthetic fibers (rayon, fleece, etc.) when in the dryer. The friction between the natural and synthetic is a major source of static. I have never tried it but I have heard you can also put some pink Himalayan salt in a small bag and throw that in the dryer as well to help with static.

Q - How many dryer balls do I REALLY need to use?
A - It really depends on what kind of load you’ve got. If you’ve got a small load of delicates then 2 to 4 will be more than enough. However, if you’ve got a huge load of nothing’ but fluffy wet towels and jeans then the more the better! I usually put in 6-8 in my really large, heavy loads. A good rule of thumb is, the more you use, the more it’s going to save you.

Q - How much are these dryer balls REALLY going to save me?
A - Again, it really depends on how many you use but starting with a set of 3 is a good place to start and they will save you between 40% in a small load to 25% in a large load. And it only increases with the more dryer balls you use! I recommend when all is said and done to use between 6-8 dryer balls. Did you know the average household in a year spends $20-$50 on fabric sheets and $65 on fabric softener. You can purchase a 6 pack of wool dryer balls for $48 and have them for years and years!!

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