Organic Allergy-Sinus / Ache n Pain Buckwheat Bag

Organic Allergy-Sinus / Ache n Pain Buckwheat Bag


Made with organic buckwheat, orris root, organic herbs including peppermint, eucalyptus, and organic essential oils including peppermint and eucalyptus. Even the Fabric is organic!!

Can be used both hot and cold (in the microwave 1-2 minutes, oven, or freezer) . Helps relieve sinus pressure. Is great for headaches and migraines and also ca be used for muscle aches and pains.

Place across eyes and nose at night when sleeping, lay across your pillow next to face if preferred. I recommend keeping it in the plastic bag when not in use.  This is not recommended to be used on children's faces. These bags are strong PLEASE use a kleenex or thin cloth when applying to face so the peppermint oil doesn't burn your eyes.  Also keep your eyes closed when using on face.

Fabric is always changing I use different prints and it is always organic.

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